Why Need a Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection Before Buying an Asset

australian_pest_specialists_logoPest Control should never be considered as an optional home improvement service, but rather as a mandatory service. Pests can be a menace to human beings; some of them are disease carriers such as rats and mice, and can be very destructive to your property i.e. termites and rodents. Also, some of the rodents are considered detrimental to a person`s health, to the environment, or even the economy. A wasp sting can pose a health threat, and even to non-allergic individuals, the wasp sting is extremely painful, and can in some cases require treatment. Controlling pest has always been a part of the human evolution since there`s need for ecological balance. For effective pest control, there`s need for Australian Pest Specialists professional pest control central coast services.

Australian Pest Specialists - Pest Control.jpg

Pest Control Central Coast service providers have different pest control packages. One of the Pest Control packages includes a Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection together with a Building Inspection. A pre-purchase termite inspection is a non-invasive termite inspection package that performs a thorough termite and timber inspection of a residential home or commercial enterprise being purchased. The process is normally completed with 2 days and should be completed before a contract becomes unconditional. 

A Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection is different from a standard termite inspection because the process inspects for signs of termites, borers, and fungal decay. A pre-purchase termite inspector will go beyond checking for termites alone. Moreover, the Australian Pest Specialists Pest Control Central Coast pre-purchase termite inspectors inspect the moisture in the perimeter and wet areas. They identify and report on any conditions conducive for timber pests and termite activity to ensure that you’re well versed on the condition of the structure before you part with your money.


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