How to Prepare for Termite Pest Control

Termite Problem - Australianpestspecialists NSWTermite Pest Control Gosford is an intense process if you want to get rid of the problem entirely. It benefits everyone involved if you take some precautionary measures before the job begins. Below are some of the procedures you should look into observing.

Moving Furniture

It is only necessary to remove furniture in the areas that are going to be treated. You may not have to remove the furniture from the room entirely as long as you move it at least three feet from the walls. Remove fragile items from shelves if there is going to be any drilling involved.

Provide Accurate Information

Make sure that you inform the Gosford Pest Control team of any underground electrical lines, pipes, sprinklers, drains and gas lines. This precaution is for your safety and for the safety of everyone involved.

Termites Central Coast - Australian Pest Specialists, Call 1300 42 42 66

Steer Clear

Stay away from any treatment areas unless absolutely necessary. Keep children well away from the treatment area. Termites Gosford treatment uses chemicals that may be harmful if inhaled. If there is a reason for you to be at the worksite, wear the necessary protective gear.

Pest control companies such as Australian Pest Specialists can help you in the preparation process. Be sure to consult with the pest control company about any additional preparation you may need before they arrive.

Australian Pest Specialists - Call 1300 42 42 66


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